09 March 2018

My rebellious behaviour caught up with me

In her teens, Refiloe had to live with the consequences of disregarding the word of God and the teachings of her grandmother who introduced her to the Universal Church when she was young.

"I was still in the CBC (Children's Biblical Centre) when I started rebelling. I lived with my grandmother because my mother lived and worked in another location. I did not listen to my grandmother and I joined a group of friends who were a bad influence to me. At the age of 12, I started dating and arriving home around 8pm. My grandmother yelled at me and sometimes gave me a hiding, but I would do the very same thing the next day. I only attended the church services when I did not have anywhere to go," she said

She became pregnant when she was in grade 11 and had to write her exams in isolation.

"Discovering that I was five months pregnant opened my eyes to the dangers of living carelessly, but it was too late for me to change the situation. I was ashamed of myself because I knew I had refused to be corrected. My grandmother was disappointed with me. The school allowed me to write my final exams but I was separated from other learners.

I wrote in the principal's office alone because the school governing body feared that I might go into labour in the presence of other learners as I was in the final months of my pregnancy. I felt unaccepted and lonely," she said.

Refiloe gave birth to a baby boy, three days before school re-opened for the next academic year.

"Leaving my new-born baby behind was painful because I still wanted time to bond with him. I did not focus on school. I knew it was one of the consequences I had to live with, even though my grandmother gave me all the support I needed and took care of my child.

In 2015, I fully committed myself to God and built a relationship with Him. I am now doing my first year in Business Informatics. My grandmother is proud of the responsible mother I have become. I broke things off with the father of my child and gave my life to God because I wanted to change and raise my child in a godly manner," she said.

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