04 June 2018

I overcame the fear of death

Elizabeth was haunted for years by the belief that her family was cursed and she would be the next one to die. 

This only stopped when she committed her life to God and received the assurance of her salvation. The sad story started with her father who passed away after a short illness in 2010, followed by her mother nine months later.  Soon thereafter, her sister fell ill.

A colleague invited Elizabeth to the Universal Church in 2016

"I attended the church services and prayed for my sister's healing. She had breathing problems and battled to speak properly.  She was admitted to a hospital where she passed on two months later.

Her passing shook the whole family and we all believed we were cursed. After the passing of our parents so close together, she was the eldest sibling.  Her passing left us terrified and being the next eldest alive in the family frightened me to the core and made me believe that I would be the next one to die," said Elizabeth

She continued attending the services even though she was discouraged by the passing on of her sister.

"I became sincere with God and told Him how hopeless and fearful I was at that time.  At a service I learnt about the importance of salvation and I committed my life to God. I started enjoying peaceful sleep at night because I was delivered from fear of death. The presence of God in me gave me peace and security. My sister was the last person we buried at home and I have no fear because the presence of God in my life gave me the assurance of my salvation," she said.

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