18 September 2017

A decision that brought me closer to God

Malile never felt the warmth and love of her husband during the eight years that they were together.

Her husband physically abused Malile and refused to provide for her and their daughter, even though he had a well-paid job.

Her mother-in-law had to step in to buy food for Malile and her daughter.

"I felt unjustly treated by my husband. It was so shameful and hurtful that that my mother in law had to take care of me while I was a married woman. She bought us groceries and put my child through school. My husband used his salary to buy alcohol and even borrowed from different loan sharks in order to feed his addiction. We lived with his parents because he refused to buy a house and said that there was enough space at his parents' house.

My husband always spent his time with his friends drinking alcohol. Whenever I asked him about money, he told me to go find a job like other women who worked," she said.

To avoid asking for money from her husband, Malile started a fast-food business. "I could not use any of the profit because my husband took the little money I made in my business and used it for his drinking. He would beat me up for the money. The beatings even landed me in hospital once.

He only showed remorse when he was sober, but soon went back to his old ways once he hit the bottle," said Malile.

When she started attending services at the Universal Church to pray for God's help, her husband beat her up for coming to the church, so she stayed away.  When she grew tired of the emotional and physical abuse, Malile decided to separate from her husband.

"One morning I woke up and told his parents that I was leaving him. They supported my decision to leave him because they feared that one day he would kill me. I moved to Johannesburg where I lived with a relative. I later sold vegetables and started another fast food business. I located a nearby Universal Church and started attending the services again.

When I understood that it was never God's plan for me to suffer, I presented my complaints to Him and asked Him to take away the brokenness I felt inside me and heal from my past. As I continued coming to the church, my spiritual life developed and I had inner peace. I was able to work through my resentment towards my husband for all my pain and shame he caused me, and forgave him. That brought me such inner peace, the kind that only God can give.  I felt free and light.  The presence of God has filled the void I'd had for eight years in my marriage. I now know that God’s love far exceeds that of people and that He grants justice to those who cry out to Him." she said.    

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