30 May 2017

I wished I could reverse the time

It was when her mother was ill in 2013 that Prudence understood her character had created a wall between her and God as well as her parents.

She started attending church services at the Universal Church at the age of five with her mother and she left after eight years.

“I became bored of coming to the church and praying. I felt I was too young to be stuck in the church while my friends who were not members of the church drank and had fun. At the age of 13, I stopped coming to the church and joined my friends in everything they did.

I drank alcohol and went to night clubs on weekends. I also dated and slept with many men. I spent my weekends at my friend’s place because her parents were hardly home, “she said.

Despite her mother’s warnings Prudence did not stop drinking and sleeping around.

“I refused to be corrected and I thought my mother did not want me to experience life my way.

I did not do my homework and I sometimes drank in the morning before I wrote my exams. I sometimes disappeared for days and switched off my phone so that my parents were not able to find me because I was with a boyfriend.

My father always punished me when I came back, but that did not stop me from going back again,” said Prudence.

In 2013 her mother became seriously ill and that pushed Prudence to seek God’s intervention.

“I knew I needed to pray and ask God to heal my sick mother, but I realised I was far from Him.  I did not have a relationship with God anymore. I became sincere with Him and asked Him to forgive me,” said Prudence.

She continued coming to the church and prayed for her mother.

“I started building my relationship with God again and that was when I understood how I hurt my mother.

I asked God to heal her and I vowed to change my ungodly ways of life,” said Prudence.

She started attending the church services on Wednesdays for her spiritual life and Fridays for her deliverance.

“I stopped drinking and dating many men. I sought for God’s help. I looked forward to spend more time with her and build a strong relationship with her, but she unfortunately died in 2015. God comforted me and healed me from the pain of losing my mother. Her death, however made me realise that life is too short to be wasted. I now spend my time investing in my relationship with God and pleasing Him with my life,” said Prudence.

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