13 March 2018

He threw us out of the house

After four years of marriage, all that was left for Evah was humiliation and sorrow.  Her alcoholic husband cheated on her and threw her out of their home.

"When I married him, I had a six-year-old daughter from a previous relationship but my husband took good care of us. We later had twins together," said Evah.

Her husband changed when they had been married for four years. He came home drunk late at night and swore at her in front of the children.

"He treated my daughter differently from our twins and told her he was not her biological father. He threatened to throw us out of the house, but I did not take his threats seriously until one morning, he gathered our clothes and threw them outside the gate.  I felt humiliated because my neighbours were watching. I just stood by the gate not knowing where to go.

One neighbour offered us a place to stay in a house she did not use. I moved in with my three children even though I battled to provide for them, but we had peace. My daughter sold crisps at school to earn extra cash for food and stationery," said Evah.

A month after the incident Evah was invited to the Universal Church.

"I started attending services and asked God to give me peace because I found it difficult to forgive my husband.  Thinking about him hurt me deeply and made me angry," said Evah.

At a Wednesday service Evah learned that it was important for her to have the presence of God in her life.

"I realised that the grudges I held were hurting me more than anyone else and that the presence of God could not dwell in me while I held on to all those toxic feelings, so I decided to surrender it all to God and let go. I went to my ex-husband and told him how I felt after all the pain he had put me through. I forgave him even though we did not reconcile. My children are now adults and are doing well in life. I now have a beautiful home that I live in peacefully and have God's presence in me, which makes my life complete and joyful." said Evah.

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