21 August 2017

I had a lonely childhood without my father

Unable to cope with the changes that came after his parents' divorce, Vuyani became a bitter child who drank alcohol from the age of nine.

"I was only five when my parents divorced, but the changes that came thereafter affected me badly. My father left all seven of us to be raised by my mother who was a domestic worker. That brought so much financial strain on my mother who did her best to provide for us. I hated it when my peers spoke of their fathers because mine’s absence was a deep pain to me. I also became an emotional wreck whenever I needed something and my mother could not buy it for me." said Vuyani.

At the age of nine, Vuyani joined his older cousins who went out and drank alcohol in taverns.

"They were well known in the local taverns so they convinced the owners to allow me to sit and drink with them. The more time I spent in the taverns, the less time I spent on my school books. As a result, I failed two grades before I did my matric," he said.

It was after his friend was stabbed eight times in the chest and died that Vuyani realised he was living his life recklessly. He then came to the Universal Church because he did not want to die the same way his friend did.

"I committed to the chain of prayers on Fridays for my deliverance from alcohol and Wednesdays for my spiritual life to develop. In a short space of time, I stopped drinking and left my old friends and cousins.  As I continued attending the services, I understood that unforgiveness was not good for my health and my spiritual life and I was able to let go of the bitterness I had for many years. I then searched for my father and found him. We now have a good relationship even though we live in separate places.

I was able to further my studies and secure a well-paid job. I now make sure that my mother does not lack anything because she worked hard to raise me and my six siblings with the little money she earned.  I was also able to help my younger brother to start a transporting business. God took me from a lonely child who had no direction to a responsible adult," he said.

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