04 June 2018

Caught ironing a stolen skirt

After her mother moved in with a new man, Pulane had to live with her aunts as part of a big family that battled for everything, including food and clothes.

She had to wake up early and clean the house in order to secure a plate of food. “I would not be given anything to eat on days when someone cleaned the house while I was still sleeping,” she said.

She also did not have good clothes and always felt embarrassed when she was with her friends.

"I was so tired of looking shabby in my raggedy clothes that I stole a friend's skirt. I wanted to wear it for an outing and I went to iron it at a neighbour's house.  She walked in while I was ironing it and was very angry with me. She snatched her skirt from me and stormed out, leaving me awash with shame.

That's when my neighbour invited me to the Universal Church. I attended church services on Mondays because I wanted to put an end to poverty in my life. I later found the courage to apologise to my friend for stealing her skirt. I found a job after a month in the church.  Things changed for me when I was able to provide for myself," said Pulane.

Pulane however became so comfortable with her new life that she did not attend the services as often as she used to.

"A year later I lost my job and went back to square one. One morning I remembered how good my life had been in the presence of God and I went back to the church. Shortly after re-committing my life to God, I found a good job enabling me to lead a financially blessed life. I met Prince and we were married a few years later. I no longer lack anything in life," she said.


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