19 August 2016

Never Give Up

Success does not come cheaply. There is a misconception between having talents versus having skills.

It is not uncommon to find very talented people who are unable to succeed, just because they don’t apply themselves to overcome their limitations. Yet we see a lot of untalented people working hard to upgrade and sharpen their skills.

To improve your skills takes a great deal of dedication and sacrifice. While some are sleeping, they are studying. While others are having fun, they are focusing with extreme dedication on doing what others are not able to do. This is the way that leads to success — focus, dedication, determination and sacrifice.

The other side of the coin shows a group of people who pray, read the Bible, come to the church very often and pray for miracles, but do not do their part. They refuse to try or keep on postponing what has to be done to change their lives. God manifested His glory on top of mountains and made consistent promises that would completely change the course of history through the actions of those who are willing to reach the top.

It is not a matter of being talented or having good luck. No, it is a matter taking a decision, an intellectual decision, to achieve something great. Having said that, achieving something great does not come easily! It requires a lot of sacrifices and only those who push forward and strive to achieve the unimaginable will make it.

The fact that you fail time and time again does not mean you are a failure. It is time to stand up and keep fighting until you see your dreams becoming reality. Believe that when things go badly, you will be able to change them. Believe that problems are there to make your life great. Believe that limitations were set to be conquered.

Insist on your dreams, never give up, practise, for practice perfects your skills! Believe in God and believe in yourself. Think big, think like a champion.

If anyone has said that you are nothing, that you are useless and that you will never change your life, now is the time to prove them wrong!

Never, ever, give up!

God bless you.

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