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It became difficult for Khotso, the family breadwinner, to put food on the table after he was fired from his job because of his excessive drinking.
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Moving in with her grandmother who took care of 11 other children pushed Akhona into learning to fend for herself from the age of seven.
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Precious's life went downhill after she became pregnant and her boyfriend left her. "I was three months' pregnant when my boyfriend left me. I was not working at that time and did not know how I was going to support my child because I depended on my parents' pension," she said.
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Growing up in an abusive home where she and her mother were physically and verbally abused by her father pushed Agnes into watching pornography in order to avoid her family problems. She also found pleasure in self- touching and sleeping around.
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Busiswa switched from one relationship to another because she only looked for men who gave her money to buy the things she wanted and which her parents could not afford. Her parents worked but earned too little to provide for Busiswa and her three siblings.
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Brenda and her younger sister were raised by their grandmother because their parents were working and they had no one to look after them during the day. Her grandmother also took care of other children, but Brenda was her favourite girl.

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