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Johannes's excessive drinking almost broke up his marriage of over than ten years and left him in financial difficulties even though he owned a successful business. His construction business made good profit, but his family lived in lack because all the profit he made went into feeding his addiction.
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The abuse of freedom pushed Jack to drinking alcohol, smoking dagga and going to nightclubs from the age of 15. He stayed with his uncle and grandmother while his mother worked and lived in another province.
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Khayelihle only managed to overcome his alcohol addiction after 18 years when he started attending church services and learned to use his faith to change his life. He started drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes when he was 16 years old.
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Reatile started smoking dagga and drinking alcohol from grade 10. He eventually became addicted and lied to his parents in order to get money for his habits.
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"I started gambling because I was not satisfied with my salary and wanted quick money. It however became an addiction that I battled to overcome for four years.
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"I was 18 years old when my mother found a job in Johannesburg and left me with my younger sister back in our country. I was already drinking alcohol at that time. I used the money she sent for our sustenance to buy alcohol instead of paying school fees and buying food.

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