24 April 2018

Terrified of death

"It was after I left the church at the age of 14 that I exposed myself to evil attacks. 

I became negative about everything around me. I started to think that my parents loved my twin sister more than me because she received all the attention from them. I was jealous of the relationship she had with my parents. As a result, I picked fights with her all the time.

I isolated myself from my family and spent most of my time alone in my room.

I started believing that I was not good enough to achieve anything in life, and I became afraid to speak in front of people. I felt unsafe, as if something bad was going to happen to me and I feared death because I knew I had drifted away from God's presence.

I started having bad dreams when I dreamed about dead people and I sometimes thought I was going to die. The fear of death prompted me to attend church services again in 2011 because I knew I was safe and protected from every evil attack when I was in the presence of God.

I attended the services on Wednesdays because I wanted the Holy Spirit to take over my life.

 I read the Bible and prayed more often. The Holy Spirit showed me my mistakes and I apologised to my sister for my bad behaviour towards her. I also told my parents how I felt about them. I realised that my mind was occupied with evil thoughts. My family loved me and never treated me differently. The presence of God in my life gave me the assurance of my salvation and I no longer fear death. I don’t have bad dreams anymore and I now enjoy the company of my family. I am spiritually mature and occupy my mind with the word of God," said Lebohang.

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