13 March 2018

Partying made me forget God

Being away from her parents for the first time when she started college made Zama neglect God's principles and her family values.

She was already a member of the Universal Church when she started her tertiary education and had to live away from her parents.

"I went to parties at night with my friends and also started dating. I stopped going home on weekends because I did not want to miss the fun I had with my friends on weekends.

I sometimes went home after two months and that’s the only time I would go to church. Even then I wasn’t there wholeheartedly. I only attended services to please my parents," she said.

Zama realised that something was not right when her marks dropped.

"My underperformance bothered me and my wild life did not fulfil me anymore, as I always felt empty inside. I sometimes cried for no reason and I would hear a soft voice reminding me about the peaceful life I had when I was committed to God," she said.

Zama realised that a life away from God was setting her up for disaster when she attended the church’s Good Friday event at Ellis Park Stadium.

"At that event, I understood that obedience was better than sacrifice and I made a decision to recommit my life to God. I stopped going to parties and left the group of friends I had at school.

I started obeying the word of God and the fear of God made it easy for me to respect my parents, even in their absence. Obeying the word of God did not only give me the fulfilment I did not have, but everything in my life started to blossom. My school marks picked up again and I graduated and became a qualified mid-wife. I bought myself a new car and I'm now engaged to be married later this year. It is so fulfilling to feed yourself with the word of God and spend time in His presence," she said.

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