03 May 2018

Our world was turned upside down

The divorce of her parents came with painful changes for Masego and her little brother because they were left with their unemployed mother who could not provide for them.

She was 13 years old when her parents divorced and her father moved out.

"Our home felt empty without my father who stopped providing for us after he left. It was difficult for my mother to put food on the table and we depended on our relatives for financial support. It felt like a part of me was ripped off of me and I struggled to cope with these sudden changes," she said.

Masego blamed her father for leaving them to suffer while he had money. She also felt abandoned and rejected by him. She developed anger and hatred towards him.

Her mother took Masego for professional counselling because she realised the divorce had taken quite a toll on her.

"I became very stubborn and would not accept being corrected. I was also short-tempered and given to anger. When my mother noticed these changes, she took me for counselling and I was treated for depression, but my condition remained unchanged because I wanted to live with both my parents under the same roof. I needed my dad at home with us," she said.

In 2011, Masego and her mother were invited to the Universal Church.

"I attended the church services because I needed to come to terms with my parents' divorce, and we desperately needed a financial breakthrough at home.

I took part in the chains of prayer on Wednesdays because my heart needed healing, and I wanted to build a relationship with God. In these services, I understood the importance of forgiveness and how it could set me free from all the heaviness and bitterness I carried. I also learned that forgiving him was good for my health and spiritual life.

I was then able to forgive him completely. This brought about the peace and relief that hadn’t been there since he left. My mood was no longer sombre and my mind felt free," she said.

In 2015, Masego passed her matric and her mother found a contract job. Life became better for Masego and her brother because her mother was able to provide for them.

"Last year I received a bursary to study for Information Technology. We now lack nothing in our home because God is our provider. I accepted that my father left us and I have made peace with it. I now have a good relationship with him even though the circumstances haven’t changed. God gave me the peace of mind and the breakthrough I needed," she said.

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