09 October 2017

My son died in my arms

Fear of death haunted Eunice for many years when she buried a family member every year. It started with her son who died three days after he was born.

"My joy at the arrival of my first boy was short-lived and I was left in fear after my son passed on. He died in my arms while I was playing with him, three days after he was born. I was devastated because he was a healthy baby and never showed any sign of discomfort. I was heartbroken and could not understand why I would get a baby and lose it just like that," said Eunice.

While she was mourning the death of her son who died in December, her grandfather died a year later.

"It was in the following year but in the same month that my son was buried when my grandfather passed away. That bothered me and gave me sleepless nights. I also feared that I was going to be the next one to die," said Eunice.

The following year, Eunice lost two relatives in a space of seven months.

"My cousin passed away in April and my uncle in December. That scared me even more.  I did not know what to do to put an end to the loss of lives in my family," said Eunice.

When she was invited to the Universal Church in 2012, Eunice knew it was time for her to seek God's help. She took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays and asked God to break the cycle of death in her family and deliver her from fear.

"I asked God to remove the curse from my family and He answered me.  My uncle was the last one l buried since I came to the church. At a service, I understood that it was important for me to receive salvation while I was still alive and I gave my life to God. The presence of God in my life helped me to overcome the fear of death. I started enjoying peaceful nights. Salvation gave me the peace and security I never had in my life," said Eunice.

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