30 January 2018

My life was characterised by misfortunes

For 40 years Enocencia's life was characterised by one misfortune after another, causing her to believe she was a victim of witchcraft.

This started after she had a heated argument with a woman who lived in the same street about a cat that made a noise at her window every night.

"We had a heated argument after I confronted her about her cat that kept me awake at night. The following morning, I found blood spilled at my gate and I washed it away. That was the day my troubles started. My feet started aching, and swelled up. In just a few days, I could not wear my shoes and it became difficult for me to walk and stand for a long time.

I had to perform light duties at work.  As days went by, my feet changed colour and became green. I had to buy men's shoes because their sizes could accommodate my swollen feet. The doctors could not diagnose my illness even after I explained the kind of pain I felt. While trying to find a cure for my painful and swollen feet, my whole body became painful. I could not sleep at night because of the pains," she said.

Enocencia's two children also complained about cramps and painful feet.

"I did not want my children to go through the same pain I felt. We were all sick in the house and it was emotionally draining for me. I was later forced to stop working because my employer complained that I was no longer productive. That added more strain on me because there was no income anymore and we needed money for doctors’ consultations," she said.

One afternoon Enocencia met a pastor from the Universal Church who was evangelising in her neighbourhood and offered her a prayer.

"He then suggested that I attend church services. I attended the services with my children and we took part in the chain of prayers on Tuesdays for healing from the feet pains. I also came on Fridays and asked God to deliver us from what I believed was witchcraft. I took blessed water from the church that I used to wash my feet.  After a few weeks in the church, my feet stopped aching.

They became normal and were no longer green. I was able to wear my shoes and I had peaceful sleep at night. The same miracle happened to my children as well.  Their feet stopped aching. That's strengthened my faith in God and taught me to depend completely on Him for everything.

Today I live a healthy and peaceful life because He showed His healing power to me and my family. My children are now working and provide for the family," she said.   

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