09 November 2017

I was willing to sell my soul for money

The love of money and material things drove Benjamin to doing strange things, including performing rituals in graveyards.

He lived a flashy lifestyle that left him heavily in debt.  "I had a job that did not afford me the high standard of living I had set for myself. That put me under pressure to get more money. As a result, I took out loans from different banks. I was only happy and content when I bought something new. My debts accumulated to the point where I no longer received my salary because it all went to different banks to pay the loans I owed.

I had a favourite song that was about selling one's soul for material things and it best described the person I was at that time. It encouraged me to do anything that was going to bring me wealth, even sell my soul, if it ever came to that," he said.

Trying to save himself from debts, Benjamin started consulting people who promised to bring him fortunes. "I was so desperate for money that I was once instructed to go and perform rituals at the graveyards, for me to have good fortune. Although it was a terrifying thing to do, I still did it because I desperately wanted to get rich at any cost, and yet none of it worked.  Instead, my financial problems gave me nightmares and constant headaches. I always had boxes of tablets in my closet and pockets. One Sunday morning, I saw the Universal Church's broadcast on television. The preaching made me realise that I was so desperate for riches, I could easily sell my soul to maintain this unrealistic lifestyle I had chosen," he said.

Desperate for his life to change, Benjamin found a nearby Universal Church and attended the services. "I came every day and I asked God to heal me from nightmares and headaches.  At the end of that week, the headaches were gone and I had peaceful sleep. As I continued attending services, I understood that only God could give me joy and everything I needed in life, and that no amount of material things could satisfy and complete me.  He gave me the wisdom to live within my means and even manage to start saving some money. I was also able to pay up my debts and afford what I needed with the salary I earned. I now live a fulfilled life because God takes care of my needs," he said.

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