14 November 2017

I lived a double life

From the age of 17, Inga lived a double life because she wanted to please both her mother, a committed member of the church, and her friends who drank and smoked.

Her mother took her to the church from the time she was six years old.

"After coming to the church for 11 years, I became bored because I was not committed to God. I also wanted to experience the life of my friends who drank, smoked and went to parties. I felt that going to church was boring. I enjoyed spending time with my friends. I skipped church services, and went drinking and smoking with my friends. I made sure I did not get drunk or smell of cigarettes when I got home because I did not want my mother to find out about my bad habits," she said.

Inga continued going to church on Sundays until her mother passed away in 2013.

"I became angry with God and did not understand why He allowed my mother, who was committed to Him, to die. I did not see a reason to go to church any more. I found it difficult to accept that my mother had passed. Living without her became difficult for me and I started having constant headaches," she said.

She moved in with her grandmother and continued living her wild lifestyle.

"I spent my Saturday nights away from home, drinking and partying with my friends. I sometimes told my grandmother that I was going to a school camp for the weekend while I was at my friend’s place.  I also did not have time to do my homework and my marks dropped when I was doing grade 11. I however made it to my matric and passed it," said Inga.

Last year Inga realised that the life she led was not right because it did not fulfil her.

"I did not enjoy going out any more. I felt there was something missing in my life and not even friends or alcohol could fill in the void I had. One morning, I woke and felt the need to go to the church, something I had not felt in years," she said.

She attended the services every Sunday and took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays and asked God to deliver her from addiction.

"I committed my life to God. I stopped going out with my friends because I did not want to miss church services and their influence on me was not good. I also stopped drinking and smoking because I understood the importance of leading a life that pleased God. God healed me from the pain of losing my mother. I also understood that no one lives forever, because death is a part of life," she said.

In 2015, Inga dated Thato and they married in the church in October this year.

"God has given me my heart desires.  I am now spiritually matured and the presence of God was able to fill the emptiness I had," said Inga.  

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