30 January 2018

I feared being judged

Moleboheng had been attending church services for three years when she found out that she was pregnant.

She was afraid of being judged because she was unmarried and ashamed that people would find out about her misdeeds, so she stopped coming to church.

"I became impatient with waiting for a partner who feared God and I fell into the temptation of dating a man whose spirituality I hardly knew. He wanted me to visit him at his place when we were still dating and he wanted us to keep our relationship a secret. To keep our relationship, I agreed to visit him at his place even though I knew it was not safe for us to do so. I then became pregnant," said Moleboheng

She knew that her growing belly would soon show and was overcome with shame so she no longer attended services.

"I moved in with my boyfriend who started cheating on me after the baby was born. He came home late at night and saw nothing wrong with his behaviour. I became angry and resented him. We later decided to go our separate ways and he did not support our baby," said Moleboheng.

Moleboheng went back home where her mother provided for her and the baby.

In 2015, she came back to the church because she realised that she needed God in her life.

"I spoke to a pastor's wife who gave me the support I needed and she encouraged me to rebuild my relationship with God," said Moleboheng.

She took part in the chains of prayer on Wednesdays for her spiritual growth.

"I learned to forgive myself for taking matters into my own hands instead of trusting God with my life. I learned to obey God's Word and trust His timing for my love life. I depended on God to have the strength to resist temptations, and have not gone back to my old life. I also forgave the father of my child for leaving me and the baby. I now have a solid and strong relationship with God," said Moleboheng.

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