13 March 2018

I expected special treatment from everyone

Brenda and her younger sister were raised by their grandmother because their parents were working and they had no one to look after them during the day. Her grandmother also took care of other children, but Brenda was her favourite girl.

"I was loved the most because my grandmother made sure I had everything I needed. She gave me lighter chores to do around the house, and that made me feel special," she said.

The attention she received from her grandmother turned Brenda into a spoiled child who thought life revolved around her. Her mentality did not change, even after she got her first job.

"I always felt my manager did not like me because he did not give me special attention. That demoralised me and my performance dropped at work. I spoke in any way to the customers and did not give them proper service.  My manager received complaints and tried to speak to me, but I did not listen to him. Instead, I took everything personally. I became a bitter employee and held grudges towards him," said Brenda.

In 2007 Brenda was invited to the Universal Church and attended the services. She took part in chains of prayer on Wednesdays for her spiritual growth.

"I realised that my manager never owed me any special treatment and I was being unreasonable towards him," she said.

After reading one of the church’s books, Brenda understood that she needed to forgive and let go of the grudges she had.

"I read the book 'Nothing to Lose 1' and I was encouraged to let go of grudges and bitterness. I understood that I needed to perform my duties with excellence and I was able to speak professionally to our customers. They were pleased with my service and they communicated their satisfaction to my manager. My relationship with my manager improved because I did not expect any special treatment from him. In the church, I joined the evangelism group because I grew to love saving souls for the Kingdom of God," said Brenda.

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