28 November 2017

I did not invest in my Spiritual life

After being in the church seven years, Nomasonto was side-tracked by the blessings she received and started neglecting her spiritual life.

After she was awarded a scholarship to further her studies in business management, Nomasonto stopped coming to the church and reading her Bible.

"I focused on my studies and forgot that God was the one who had helped me qualify for the scholarship. I stopped going to church during the week and only attended services on Sundays. I stopped praying and reading the Bible. What I wanted more than anything was to be successful," she said.

Occupying herself with her school work did not fill the void Nomasonto had.

"I could not understand why I still felt empty because I was working my way up the ladder of success. At a Sunday service, the pastor preached about the importance of having the Holy Spirit. I then asked the Holy Spirit to come into my life and fill the void I had," she said.

She also attended Wednesday services to pray for her spiritual development.

"Being baptised with the Holy Spirit was something that I cannot explain in words. The joy I had was something I had been longing for, for many years. I developed a strong relationship with God where I desire to speak to Him about everything and put Him first every day. I completed my master's degree in business management last year but, although it was a great achievement, it did not compare to the day God gave me His spirit.  My greatest joy and fulfilment is the relationship I have with God." said Nomasonto.


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