18 April 2018

I could've killed someone

It became difficult for Khotso, the family breadwinner, to put food on the table after he was fired from his job because of his excessive drinking.

His mother was unemployed and Khotso, who worked as an accountant, provided for his mother and two siblings.

"I started drinking when I was doing my second year in tertiary. I drank even more after I had my first job in 2011 because I was able to finance my drinking habit. I went out to parties where I drank alcohol with my friends. It did not take long before I was addicted," said Khotso.

In 2013 Khotso moved on to another job which offered him more money and he soon bought himself a car.

His alcohol addiction, however, proved to be a challenge.

"I was often absent from work on Mondays because I was exhausted from weekend parties. I sometimes arrived late for work and did not perform my duties as expected. My employer gave me several verbal warnings before he called me in for a hearing. I decided to resign because I knew I was wrong and I was going to be fired," he said.

A month after he lost his job, Khotso was involved in an accident while driving with his friend.

"I was driving drunk the day I crashed into a car that was parked in front of mine. That accident shook me, even though no one was injured.  I realised I could have died or killed someone in the accident," he said.

The same year he lost his job, he started watching Worker's Prayer, the Universal Church’s weekday morning programme.

"I did not want to miss the programme. I always had a glass of water and participated in the prayer with the bishop. The following year I decided to attend church services because I wanted God to bless me with a job.  It only took me a week in the church to find another job. I was able to pay off all my debts within three months," he said.

He took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for his deliverance from alcohol. After six months in the church, he stopped drinking and going to parties.

"I saved money and I was able to marry my long-term partner, Nomahlobo, in March last year. God blessed me with another job in September. I started a garden service business and I have two people working for me.

I also bought a Nissan bakkie for my business. I am now able to provide for my mother and my siblings, even though I no longer live with them. Today I am happily married and free from alcohol. I am a responsible husband and my wife lacks nothing. I came to church because I wanted a job, but I received something greater than that, which is the presence of God in my life," said Khotso

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