08 January 2018

I couldn't forgive

When her parents divorced, Nosipho had to move to her grandmother's house in the Eastern Cape. This turned her into an angry child who could not forgive.

"I was 12 years old and a member of the Universal Church when we had to move from Johannesburg to stay with my grandmother in the Eastern Cape because my mother was unemployed.

Life was uphill for us because my mother could not provide for us financially. There was no Universal Church in the area where we lived. The move wasn't pleasant because we could not eat the kind of food we were used to or buy the kind of clothes we wanted.  My grandmother constantly told my mother how useless she was because she failed to save her marriage. She also told me that I was never going to amount to anything in life.

Her words made me lose confidence in myself and I started believing her.  I could not tell my mother how I felt because I thought she had a lot to deal with. I hated going to my new school because other children always teased me for not having the proper uniform," she said.

That transition left Nosipho angry and bitter towards her father who had left them and her grandmother who ill-treated them.

Nosipho and her siblings later moved back to Johannesburg where they stayed with her older brother.

"We started attending church services again. A pastor spoke about the importance of forgiveness and that was when I realised that anger and bitterness had taken their toll on me. I asked God to deliver me from anger and bitterness. I was able to forgive my grandmother and my father.  I started calling them and we now speak often.

A year later, my mother got a house and we moved from my brother's house.  She also found a job and could provide for us.

I finished matric in 2015 and I was awarded a one-year bursary to study electrical engineering. I am confident that I am going to find a job that matches my qualification because I know that with God all things are possible," said Nosipho. 

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