03 May 2018

God gave me more than I bargained for

For over nine years Mpho battled with anger towards her father who left the family when she was only eight.

"My father moved to another province and left us with our unemployed mother. My two siblings and I had to leave private school and transfer to a government school because my mother could not afford to pay our school fees. My grandmother, who lived close to my new school, took us in, while my aunt who sold cold drinks was the one who provided for all of us. I developed anger and resented my father for leaving us," she said.

When she was in high school, Mpho noticed other children of her age going to church and she was curious to join them

"I attended services at a nearby Universal Church and after a pastor explained the different chains of prayers, I decided to make mine on Thursdays. I prayed for my parents to get back together and for unity in my family. That same year my mother found a job" she said.

In the church, Mpho understood that she needed to forgive her father and she asked God to give her a forgiving heart.

"I understood I had nothing to lose in forgiving my father because the love of God was bountiful. That changed things for me and my family because three years later my father came back home and they worked things out with my mother before he passed away three months later from a short-illness," she said.

That same year Mpho was hit by a car and was comatose for five days.

"After I was discharged from hospital, the road accident fund delayed paying out my claim.  I continued attending the services and believed that God was going to intervene in my finances. I later received my pay-out and I extended my mother's house from four to eight rooms. I bought myself a house and a car, an Opel Zafira. I invested the remaining money and I now take care of my family with some of it. My relationship with God matured and I allowed Him to lead and guide me in everything I do," she said.

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