09 March 2018

Power to change my situation

Attending the Universal Church's Good Friday event at Ellis Park Stadium last year, brought peace and love between Peggy and her mother who left her when she was eight months old.

"My mother left me to be raised by my grandmother after she separated from my father. She worked in another province and hardly visited home. She gave more attention to my younger siblings whenever she was around. That made me feel unloved and rejected by my mother," she said.

In her desperate need for love, Peggy started dating from the age 13 and she moved from one relationship to another. As a result, she became pregnant at the age of 21. The father of the child abandoned her and her unborn child.

Frustrated by not receiving her boyfriend’s and mother's support, Peggy attempt committing suicide when she was seven months pregnant.

"I was living with my uncle in a shack at that time. He could not help me financially because he was unemployed. I felt like a burden as I was going to bring a fatherless child into the world. I then drank a mixture of cleaning detergents and rat poison. I woke up in hospital where I spent three weeks because the doctors were draining the poison out of my body and making sure it did not affect my unborn baby," she said.

Peggy honoured an invitation to the Universal Church after she was discharged from hospital because she realised her problems were beyond her control.

"Attending the church services every day shifted my focus away from thinking about the fatherless baby that was coming. I committed my life to God and I asked Him to deliver me from suicidal thoughts. The suicidal thoughts went away and I stopped searching for love in the wrong places. When the time came, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy," said Peggy. 

 She attended the Mayibuye Impilo Yami event at the Ellis Park Stadium last year, where she learned how to use the power of faith to change her situation. Less than a week after the event her mother called her and asked to meet.

"She came to my uncle’s place where I lived with my baby and apologised for not being present in my life. She assured me that she would take care of me and help me raise my son. We now have a wonderful mother-daughter relationship. I feel her love and care, something I never felt before. I am also able to share that love with my child. God gave me a vision to start an events and catering company that is doing very well. I also inherited my late father’s house and I live there.

The word of God in my life taught me the importance of forgiveness and I was able to forgive the father of my child who abandoned me when I was pregnant," she said. 

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