11 September 2017

Illness and death haunted my family

Zakhele's family lived a miserable life that was marred by illness and death. Every year they buried a family member who died after a short illness or in a car accident.

"We lived in the fear that death would hit again at any time whenever someone fell ill. Some family members died after short illnesses while others died in car accidents. On some nights, the whole family stayed up because the small children cried and screamed as if they were seeing something terrifying. I only had some relief during the day because night time was unbearable,” he said.

Believing that they were bewitched, Zakhele’s family moved from one area to another.

 “We wasted a lot of money building new houses at every place we moved to and we would stay there for a year or even less before we relocated to another place. We also went to different places in search of help, but the situation did not change. It was a painful life that crippled our family finances," he said. In 2006, Zakhele was invited to the Universal Church by a person who knew of his family problems.

"I attended the Friday services because I was desperate for a solution to my family problems. The preaching during the first service I attended gave me hope that God was going to put an end in my family’s problems. Gradually the situation changed as relatives no longer passed away as frequently as before. There was peace at night because the children stopped crying. There are no sudden deaths in our family any more. Our finances improved as we settled in one place and we have lived there for four years. I have learned that trusting in the word of God and putting my faith to use is a solution for every situation I come across. Learning to use my faith freed me and my family from the gripping fear of death and financial problems," he said.

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