11 September 2017

I lived for alcohol and neglected my children

Going out at night to drink alcohol with friends was the only comfort Lebohang had after her husband passed away.

"I was devastated because I was unemployed and had five children between the ages of four and 15 years to raise.  In my distress, I started drinking alcohol every day. I always left my children alone in the house and went to drink in the taverns with my friends, who provided alcohol for me. I became violent towards them when I arrived home late at night. I would start shouting and swearing at them. I also did not have a good relationship with my neighbours because I always made a noise and woke them up at night when I came back from my drinking spree. I would be ashamed to even go outside the next day when I was sober. My neighbours stopped talking to me," said Lebohang.

"concerned about my children who stayed alone in the house while I went out to drink, my mother decided to take them to live with her.  They Iived with my mother for three years. Those were the most painful years of my life. I felt lonely when I was home and I wanted to quit alchohol, but it was not easy," she said.

Lebohang's children were already members of the Universal Church and they prayed for their mother to change and always invited her to the church.

"My children told me that there was help for me in the church. Out of desperation to change my life I accepted their invitation. At a service, a pastor offered a prayer for those who wanted to stop drinking and I didn’t hesitate to receive the prayer. I stopped drinking after a year in the church. I went to all my neighbours and apologised for disrespecting them. I understood that I had not handled the passing of my husband well and that I needed God to heal and strengthen me. Now I am free from addiction.  My heart has healed from the loss of my husband, my family is restored, and my children are also blessed," she said.

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