16 October 2017

I felt humiliated

Meriam was overwhelmed by grief and disappointment after she caught her husband standing with one of his lovers in a dark corner.

"I was with my children and other members of the church, on our way to a church night vigil when I witnessed my husband’s infidelity. It was even worse because our children were there to see their father's bad behaviour, something I had hidden from them for many years.  He started dating other women after seven years of marriage. He sometimes slept out and only came home the next day when he knew that I had already left for work. We hardly spoke to each other because I grew tired of questioning him about his extramarital affairs," she said.

To make matters worse Meriam's husband showed no remorse when he came back home and behaved as if nothing had happened.

"I did not even ask him about it because he had seen us.  Soon after that incident, he started giving me very little money to buy groceries. My mother had to always step in and help me to buy more food because the money my husband gave me was not enough to cover our needs for the whole month. I was tempted to go back home but I didn’t want to burden my mother even further.  There was no love any more between my husband and me. We lived separate lives though we were under the same roof. I stopped giving him food and he would prepare something for himself when he got home," she said.

Meriam was invited to the Universal Church in 2009.

"The same year, I came to the church, I took part in the Campaign of Israel and I believed that God was going to restore my marriage and bring back the love that was once there. A few months after the campaign, I noticed some changes in my husband. He started paying attention to us and provided everything we needed. He became the faithful and loving husband I had known before. We spent time together as a family. That made me realise that God was honouring my faith. There was peace and my house felt like a home again. There was affection between us. My husband seldom comes to church but I’m living my dream life," she said.

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