15 January 2018

He beat me up in front of my children

Unable to cope with the physical and emotional abuse she had to endure at the hands of her husband after 27 years, Florah left her matrimonial home and went back to her parents' shack.

Her husband showed his true character after they had been married for 13 years.

"He became violent for no reason and we constantly fought over minor issues. All our arguments ended up in physical fights. He beat me up in front of my children who were teenagers at that time. The joy that we once had slowly faded.  In 2012, I decided to leave him and go back to my parents' shack. Most of the people who knew my background failed to understand why I left a big house for a shack. I had peace in my parents' shack and didn’t need to watch my every word or sleep with one eye open," she said.

Years after she left her husband, Florah was invited to the Universal Church.

"The testimonies I read in the church's newspaper encouraged me to attend the services. I came to the church on Thursdays to pray for my marriage because I still loved my husband, even though I had left him. I also came to Wednesday services to learn more about my spiritual development," she said. 

As she continued coming to the church and applying the teachings of faith in her life, Florah understood her position as a wife and the role she needed to play in order to save her marriage.

 After two years in the church, she and her husband were able to work through their differences and get back together.

"We now live peacefully at home. There are no more fights and my husband loves and respects me. That made me believe that it was God who changed him because I did nothing to change him," she said.

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