11 June 2018

God made our dream a reality

For over eight years Maria and her boyfriend lived together, but marriage was never a topic they discussed. Even though marriage was something Maria wanted, her partner was always negative about it. 

"He never showed interest in marriage and always avoided discussions about it. He sometimes told me that marriage wasn’t in his plans because he still wanted to provide for his mother and siblings. I remained in the relationship because I loved him and didn’t want to raise our child alone. I accepted that he might never marry me," she said.

After she started attending the services at the Universal Church, in 1998, Maria understood that her faith was the key to her heart's desires.

"I also understood that living with my partner before we were married was ungodly. I started praying and asked God to come into my life because I wanted to have a relationship with Him and live a pleasing life before Him. I also prayed for my love life.

My partner started attending services with me. As time went on his attitude towards marriage changed completely. I was shocked when he suggested that we do the right thing before God and get married. A year later we registered our marriage with the Department of Home Affairs and were blessed at the altar. We now have three children and we are happily married. We are a family that prays together and is united. Our married life is pure bliss, because God is the One holding and keeping us together," said Maria.  

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