11 June 2018

Drifting away from God was my downfall

"My parents were divorcing when I came to the church in 2010. My father later moved out. That pained me because I did not want to lose him and I felt incomplete without him at home.

I continued attending the church services every Thursday and asked God to perform a miracle in their marriage.

Three years later God answered my prayers.  My parents were able to work things out and they got back together. I stopped developing my relationship with God when things went well at home. I hardly prayed or read my Bible. I eventually became weak spiritually.

I later dated someone and I became pregnant after a year in the relationship. My father was so angry that he chased me away from home and only took me back a day later. I spent most of my time in the bedroom because I was ashamed of my pregnancy.

I later moved in with my sister who had her own place because I did not want to meet people I knew from church on the streets. I led a lonely and sad life until a few months after I gave birth. One day, I woke up and decided to go back to the church and commit my life to God. It was not easy for me. I sometimes felt people were laughing at me and I lost concentration on the preaching.

That however did not stop me from attending the services. I committed my life and became faithful to Him. I was then able to apologise to my parents for disappointing them and I moved back home. I now have peace inside," she said.

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