30 May 2017

I felt less of a man

Coming to the Universal Church in 2005 was the last resort for Samuel who battled to keep relationships and had financial problems for many years.

 “My weekly pay was too low to cover my financial needs. I could not afford decent clothes and it was even difficult to buy food. I turned to loan sharks for a financial boost, but this left me deeply in debt,” he said.

In his personal life,  Samuel moved from one relationship to another as most of the girls he dated lost interest in him and left him.

“I felt all the women left me because I did not have money. I would love the girl so much that I would even introduce her to my family, but she would lose interest and cut off all communication with me. That made me so miserable that I lost confidence in myself. I also thought I was bewitched,” he said.

In an effort to earn more money, Samuel gave up his job after four years and started selling scarves on the streets.  He then opened a fast food shop.

In 2002, Samuel met a new woman whom he started dating.

“I was so cautious. I did not put my whole heart into the relationship because I was scared that history would repeat itself. Our relationship gradually grew stronger and we moved in together and later had a child.

My girlfriend joined the Universal Church and invited me to join her. I attended the services on Mondays to pray for my financial life and on Thursdays for my love life. My relationship with God grew and I understood that cohabitation was not good in the eyes of God. In October 2006, we registered our marriage at Home Affairs and we were blessed in the church after dating for over three years. I also found a good job where I still work   and my wife started her own day care centre. I am now enjoying a blessed financial and family life. I know that this was only possible because God intervened and changed my life,“ he said.   

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