26 March 2018

On the verge of giving up

For a month, Andrew slept on the streets without food to eat until he started attending the services at the Universal Church and ate at the church's Help Centre. He had left his home country to look for a job in Johannesburg.

"I did not know anyone when I came to Johannesburg and could not afford to rent a room to stay in. I had two pairs of trousers and two shirts in my bag. I found a spot to sleep in Wanderers Street in Johannesburg and during the day I walked around town looking for a job," he said.

After a week of sleeping in the cold, a stranger offered Andrew a blanket to cover himself at night.

"The same week I got a blanket, my clothes were stolen while I was out looking for a job. Life was so hard on the streets that I sometimes wanted to go back home and forget about looking for a job," said Andrew.

Andrew was on the verge of giving up when he was invited to the Universal Church by a member who was doing evangelical work on Wanderers Street where he slept.

"I came to the church because I wanted God's intervention in my situation. After the service, I shared my problems with an assistant who told me about the church's Help Centre and I went there. I had a plate of food for the first time in three weeks. I was relieved that I did not have to worry about food anymore," he said.

He continued coming to the church and ate at the Help Centre every day. He also took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays and asked God to bless him with a job.

"After a month in the church, I found a job as a welder where I was paid weekly. I used my first wages to buy myself clothes because I only had one pair of trousers and one shirt that I wore every day. I saved money and I was able to rent a room that I shared with my colleagues," said Andrew.

At a Monday service, Andrew was inspired to start his own business.

He saved money for five years before he resigned and started a welding company.

"The money I had saved was enough for me to buy the tools I needed to start the business. I also hired two people to work with me. God gave me the wisdom I needed to run my business and I made good profit. I was able to move to a decent place that I did not share with anyone. God made it possible for me to live the kind of life I always dreamed of. I now use my testimony to offer hope and encourage those searching for a solution to their problems," said Andrew.

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