02 October 2017

My son wore his father's jacket to school

Life became an uphill battle for Violet and her family after she closed down her failing business and her husband struggled to find a job.

She owned a training centre, teaching beadwork and embroidery for many years, until she failed to attract new people to be trained.

"My husband was unemployed and things were difficult for us. We battled to pay our son’s school fees. He did not have the proper school uniform and wore his father’s jacket when he was supposed to wear a school blazer. I could not pay our house bond and our house was about to be repossessed by the bank," she said.

In order to avoid repossession of their house, Violet closed down her business and looked for a job.

"I felt like there was a wall that was impeding my success, because nothing worked for me. I bought newspapers every morning and looked through job advertisements. One day while job-hunting, I saw the Universal Church’s advertisement for a service for the unemployed and decided to go to the church," she said.

 She continued coming to the church and asked God to break down the walls that were impeding her from getting a job.

"I came to the church faithfully for seven Fridays and prayed for the walls of unemployment and debts to break down in my life.  It did not take long f or me to get a job and I started paying our house bond that was already in arrears. Our finances improved and we were able to pay our son’s school fees. I resigned from my job after working for five years because I wanted to go back to running a business. I re-established the training centre and people registered in numbers. I knew that the hand of God was upon my business. My husband also found a job. We were able pay up our house bond, and our son completed his matric and found a well-paid job. My business is doing well and I am able to buy the things I could not afford before, like furniture and clothes. I have peace of mind because I am enjoying a blessed and a debt-free life," said Violet.

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