02 October 2017

I stopped dreaming

Believing that her sole duty as a wife was to take care of her home, Teresa didn’t see the need to look for a job, even though she and her husband had financial problems. 

"My husband worked at a butchery and earned very little. We could only afford to buy food with his wages. Buying clothes for our four children and furniture for our house was a far-fetched dream for us. Even so, I never thought of looking for a job to help with the finances. I also thought I was unemployable because I could not speak English," she said. 

Her view on life only changed after she came to the Universal Church in 2000 and was inspired to start dreaming again.

"I came to the church every day because I was intrigued by the preaching of the pastor and how people prayed. At a service, a pastor encouraged those who were unemployed to find something to do with their hands.
He told us to meet his wife after the service. The pastor's wife took all the interested unemployed women for baking classes. It was only after those classes that I started dreaming again and believing that I could make a difference in my family’s finances. I started baking cakes at home and sold them on the street corners.  Within a week I made enough money to contribute financially at home," she said.

Teresa was inspired to venture into other business areas and sold meat and clothes. Her business grew so much that she made R3,000 on a good day.

 "Putting into action what I learned in the church, and putting my faith in God to work has made me a successful businesswoman and a blessing to my family," she said. 

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