23 October 2017

I sank into debt

Life became difficult for Themba after his mother passed away and his siblings left him with all the financial responsibilities. His mother was ill for six years before she passed away.

"I was not prepared for her funeral and I did not even have a funeral policy because I alone paid her medical bills. When she passed away, I had to take a loan to cover the funeral expenses, because my siblings, who also worked, did not want to contribute towards the funeral," said Themba.

Unable to cope with the passing of his mother and the debts he accumulated after the funeral, Themba felt strained and sought comfort in alcohol.

"I drank every day because I wanted to forget about my financial problems and dull the pain of losing my mother. I sometimes could not go to work on Mondays because of my weekend drinking and I eventually resigned from my job," said Themba.

In 2009, he was given a church newspaper and invited to the Universal Church. "I developed hope for a better life after I read the testimonies of people whose lives changed when they learned to use their faith in the church. I came to the church and was advised to attend Tuesday services to pray for my healing.  I grew stronger every day," said Themba.

Some months later he was able to stop drinking, something he had struggled with for seven years.

"I realised that alcohol did not provide solutions to any of my problems. I came to the church every Wednesday and invested time and prayer for my spiritual life to grow, " said Themba.

In 2013 God blessed him with a job and he worked hard to pay off all his debts.

"I started using my money wisely and also started saving some of it. I made sure not skip my payments until all my debts were paid up. In March, this year I was able to marry Alina after we dated for two years.  My marriage is happy, my finances are now stable and I am free from addiction. God has restored my life," said Themba.

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