15 May 2018

I lacked nothing but I was not happy

Trying to keep up with a friend who led a flashy lifestyle landed Sophie in an abusive relationship.

Her friend dated a well- known gangster who was involved in criminal activities which paid for the expensive lifestyle they led.  At the age of 20, Sophie followed in her friend's footsteps and dated a notorious guy.

"Life was good for me.  At some point he gave me R6,000 that I blew in just a week. I went to parties and drank expensive alcohol. We were respected by the other friends we had because of the flashy lifestyle we led," said Sophie.

Her boyfriend, however physically abused Sophie.

"I had everything I wanted, but I was not happy because there was no love in my relationship. My boyfriend openly dated other girls and I was not allowed to question him about his affairs. He would beat me up and leave me bruised," said Sophie.

In one incident her boyfriend hit her on the head with a bottle after a minor argument.

"I bled until the blood dried.  I did not go to the clinic or hospital because I did not want to expose my boyfriend's abusive behaviour or lay charges against him. He already had a bad criminal record.  There were times I wanted to leave him, but the thought of having no money made me stay," said Sophie.

In 2013 Sophie was invited to the Universal Church and she attended the services because she felt no happiness in her flashy lifestyle.

“As I attended the services, I started feeling guilty each time I drank alcohol. My conscience continued to haunt me until I decided to quit alcohol a month later.

I then committed my life to God and asked Him to give me the strength to end my abusive relationship. One day I woke up so angry that I did not want to see my abusive boyfriend and I knew it was time for me to free myself from him.  I told him I wanted out of the relationship and to my surprise he respected my decision and left me," she said.

Sophie spent time in the presence of God and applied the word of God in her life. In 2014, she met Ibrahim in the church.  They registered their marriage AT Home Affairs after dating for two years. "I experienced love for the first time in my life. He respected and loved me --something I did not know in a relationship. We were blessed at the altar after registering our marriage," said Sophie.

 Last year, Sophie took part in the Campaign of Israel and asked God for a financial breakthrough. In February this year, Sophie and her husband started a construction business. Their business grew and they were able to buy two bakkies and a three-bedroomed house.

"I am now more content than I've ever been in my life. The blessings of God come with perfect peace. I am happily married and enjoying financial freedom," she said.

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