24 August 2017

I felt like a loser who had failed his family

After losing the job he had for almost 20 years as a delivery man, life became an uphill battle for Samuel and his family. His former employer made many excuses when it came to paying out his money last year which made it difficult for Samuel to provide for his family.

 "I delivered hazardous equipment for the company for almost 20 years. One evening, I found one of the companies I was supposed to deliver to closed. When I returned the equipment to my company, I was told that I needed a permit to return the equipment, because without the permit, my actions were deemed illegal. I was suspended on the spot," he said. 

Samuel was paid his normal salary for two months while on suspension.  "After that I no longer received my salary and my employers gave me excuses before they told me that I was dismissed. Things became very hard for me and my family while waiting for my monies to be paid out. I had to borrow money from relatives and friends so I could buy food and pay school fees for my two children who were still at school. I sometimes found part-time jobs and drove children to school," he said.

The situation caused tensions between Samuel and his wife who blamed him for the loss of his job.

"I felt like a loser who had failed his family.  Meanwhile, the debts were piling up and my employers were mum about my money. Suicide often crossed my mind but I thought of the pain my family would endure," he said.

In March this year, Samuel was given the church’s Universal News by a member who was evangelising in his neighbourhood. "On that Saturday night I couldn’t sleep as I read the testimonies in the newspaper. I was eager to go to the church the next day. When I arrived, I spoke to the pastor about the challenges I was facing. He prayed for me and advised me to attend services on Mondays for the financial breakthrough I needed, on

 Wednesdays for my spiritual life to develop and on Sundays to ask God for peace in my family. As I remained faithful to the chain of prayer, I developed hope and the suicidal thoughts disappeared. I asked God to restore my dignity and peace in my family," he said.

After barely two months in the church Samuel received his pay-out from his former employer. He was able to pay his debts amounting to almost R40,000.

"I always thought that as a man I have the power to do anything and fight any battle. However, after I reached out to God, I realised that I cannot do anything without Him. We don’t lack anything anymore and there is peace and harmony in my home," he said.

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