14 November 2017

I asked for food from my neighbours

Mamelo could not believe how her life changed when her husband left her with their two sons after 11 years of marriage. She had never worked for a day in her life and only knew the lavish lifestyle that had been financed by her husband.

"It was hard to believe that my husband left me for another woman because we never had serious marital problems. Our younger child was five years old while the elder was in primary school. That was a painful time for me because I was unemployed. I asked for food from my neighbours and my sons walked a long distance to school because I did not have money for transport. I cried every day because I found it difficult to adapt from living a good life to poverty. I felt humiliated asking for food from my neighbours. My children were angry with their father and did not want anything to do with him. I finally divorced my husband after eight years of separation. The whole situation left me bitter," she said.

Mamelo was invited to the Universal Church by a neighbour in whom she confided.

"I didn't hesitate to attend the services because I was desperate for help. After the first service I was offered a prayer and I developed hope that my life was going to change for the better.  As I continued coming to the church every day I learned the importance of forgiveness. I then spoke to my children and asked them to forgive their father because I understood it was the right thing to do.  I also let go of the bitterness I had towards him," she said.

After coming to the church for a few months, Mamelo found a job and was able to provide for her children.

"I forgave my ex-husband for abandoning us. My finances improved and I was able to put food on the table for my children. I also put my children in good schools. I started enjoying the fruits of my faith in God when my first-born finished school in 2013 and found a job.  A year later he got married in the church. My younger son is doing his final year at a college. My sons were able to forgive their father and they now have a good relationship with him. I am happy in the presence of God Who restored my dignity, and has provided well for us," she said. 

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