26 September 2017

I always wondered how my life would end

Desperation to find a cure for her sickness compelled Grema, who had been unemployed for three years, to come to the Universal Church in 2005 to seek God's help.

One morning she woke up and the right side of her body was numb and not functioning properly.

 "My condition worsened every day. My foot developed a rash and swelled up. My parents helped me to move around the house because I could no longer walk on my own," she said. Grema spent most of the time in her bedroom because

she was ashamed of her sudden disability. "I could not even afford to consult specialists because I was unemployed. My son and I depended on my parents’ pension money. I always wondered how my life was going to end. I avoided meeting the people I grew up with because I saw progress in their lives while my life was stagnant. I sometimes felt like they laughed at me behind my back," she said. In 2005, Grema was invited to the Universal Church.

"I came because I was desperate for a turnaround in my health and my finances. I engaged in the chain of prayers on Mondays for my financial life to improve and on Tuesdays for healing. Within two months in the church, my health was restored. It was that miracle that made me realise that God was indeed alive and powerful," she said.

Grema continued coming to the church and prayed for fulfilment in other areas of her life. "As I attended the services on Mondays, I was encouraged to start my own business instead of waiting for someone to give me a job. I started a day-care centre. The first day I opened it, I registered 70 children. I now have six employees and four classes that accommodate 100 children.

I was able to provide for my child from the work of my own hands. I no longer feel sorry for myself or wish to hide when I see people that I grew up with. Receiving God gave my life health, direction and fulfilment," she said.

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