30 May 2017

He left me because I was unemployed

Not knowing where the family’s next meal would come from was the most difficult experience for Sarah, an unemployed mother three.

Her husband stopped providing for the family when he left Sarah and the children. “He did not have a proper job, but earned money from selling fruit and vegetables on the streets. I looked for a job for ten years, but failed at every turn. That created problems in the marriage as my husband always complained about everything that was finished in the house. I was sometimes afraid to cook because he would complain when there was no more food,” said Sarah.

Her husband moved out of the house when their youngest child was four years old. “My situation worsened and I saw no way out of it. We survived on R320 which was for two children’s support grant. That money was too little for a family of four. We only had enough food for the first week of the month. The rest of the month we depended on the generosity of neighbours and relatives who gave us food,” she said.

In 2010 her mother, a member of the Universal Church, invited Sarah to the church. “I came to church because I needed a way out of my misery. I was tired of begging people for help. I took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays. I was encouraged not to give up on life. I used my faith and kept applying for jobs,” said Sarah.

A month later Sarah found a job and her life started improving. “After 10 years of being unemployed and unable to provide for my children, God showed me that all things were possible with Him. The situation changed for the better at home. I was able to provide for my children,” she said.

As she continued attending church services, she understood the importance of building a strong relationship with God and she took part in the chains of prayer on Wednesday for her spiritual growth. “I read the Bible and prayed more often, even when I was at home. I surrendered my life to God and I now live a happy and peaceful life with my children. God’s provision can never be compared to anything. Seeing the power of God, my children joined me in attending church and now my family and I are united in the same faith,” said Sarah.

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