23 October 2017

A robbery that changed my life

After the death of her mother who provided for Makgotso and her three children, she started robbing drunk men in taverns in order to make ends meet. 

"It became difficult for me to put food on the table for my children after my mother passed on. I tried selling fat cakes on the streets, but I never made a profit and I stopped. I sometimes asked for help from my friends who later introduced me to a quick way of making money. We went to taverns at night and scouted for men who had money. We checked the kind of cars that parked outside the tavern and that's how we knew if we had targets for the night. We joined them at their tables and drank with them, but we made sure we drank less and got them very drunk. We then took their wallets and left them passed out at the table. Most nights we would go to three taverns to do the same thing to different men," she said.

Makgotso's three children spent most nights alone in the house while she went out to rob drunk men.

"My first born was 16 years old at that time. I locked them in the house and told them I was going to get them money for food. I grew so accustomed to the life of robbing people that finding a job was the last thing on my mind," she said. 

A robbery that took place in one of the taverns where she was prompted Makgotso to look for a new way of making money.

"Robbers walked in and started shooting while I was there. I hid under the tables and narrowly escaped getting shot. Since that night I feared going to taverns again. I didn't want to leave my children motherless. After confiding in my child who was already a member of the Universal Church, she suggested that I go the church and commit to God. In 2014, I deleted all my friends' contact numbers from my phone because I didn't want to be tempted into going out with them anymore. I concentrated on my relationship with God. I trusted Him to be our provider and we never went to sleep hungry as we always had people sharing food and money with us. I took part in the chain of prayers on Mondays for my finances to improve and Fridays for deliverance from alcohol. I stopped going out and drinking alcohol. Sometime later, I found a job and was able to provide for my children. I have learned that God's grace is sufficient for me. No matter how great one's sins are, when there is repentance, there is always forgiveness," she said.

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