12 July 2018

A friend indeed

"I was at my lowest point in life when my friend, Ntsoaki, invited me to the Universal Church in 1994 and assured me that God was going to change my situation. I had been retrenched from my job after eight years and my husband was unemployed. We had three children and no income.

We all depended on my mother-in-law's pension money for food. She would share her groceries with us. The situation worsened after my mother-in-law passed on. Sleeping on empty stomachs became normal for us. Hunger was written on our faces. Seeing our misery, a neighbour lent me money to buy vegetables that I sold in order to make ends meet. That did not help because we also ate those vegetables and I did not make any profit.

The business only lasted for a month. That was when my friend invited me to attend services at the Universal Church with her. She told me that God was the only one with a solution to my financial problems.

I did not hesitate to attend the services with her because I wanted God to end my suffering. I took part in the chains of prayer for my finances on Mondays. I was inspired to start a day care centre. I had three children when I started and later hired a person to help me as more children came to register.

I was able to provide for my family and poverty became a thing of the past for us. To my surprise, my old employer called me back to work and that was the end of my suffering. I have retired from work. My children are now married and have their own places. I am now financially stable and lack nothing," said Smangele.

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