18 April 2018

I smoked dagga during my pregnancy

Tired of not getting the basic things she needed at school, Delphine found a part-time job when she was 13 years old.

"My mother worked for a small salary and could not afford to buy me the things I needed at school. There was nothing that motivated me to continue with my schooling because my mother, aunts and uncle never went far with their education and therefore all worked in a factory. When I was 13 years old, I found myself a weekend job as a packer at a supermarket," she said. 

It became difficult for Delphine to balance her weekend job and her school work. Her financial independence drove her to an alcohol and dagga addiction and she eventually dropped out of school in grade nine.

"I went to parties with friends from the age of 16. We drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes. I moved from one part-time job to another. I spent most of my money on my addictions. When I was 17, I met someone and we dated for almost a year, and then I fell pregnant. My mother was very angry with me. It became worse when the father of the child didn't take responsibility. I lost hope in life and I continued smoking dagga while I was pregnant. I didn’t care about the complications it would cause for my unborn baby," she said.

Her mother invited Delphine to the Universal Church in 2004.

 “I only came because I wanted to make her happy as I was feeling guilty about my pregnancy, but I continued living my life of addiction. For over two years after my son was born, I never bought him the basic things he needed because I spent my money on my addiction,” she said.

One morning in 2006, Delphine realised that she had been unfair to her son by not providing for him. She then understood that she needed to quit alcohol and dagga and use the money for  her son.

"I engaged in chains of prayers on Mondays for my financial life to develop, on Wednesdays for my spiritual life to grow and on Fridays for deliverance. Within two months I was clean of all my addictions. I was also able to forgive the father of my child for leaving me when I needed him. God gave me a vision to start my own business instead of relying on part-time jobs. I now run my own finishing and packaging company," she said.

 A year later Delphine met Clinton and they dated for 11 months before they were married.

"I'm a good mother and wife but most of all I have God in me who guides my ways. Today I enjoy a stable financial life," she said.

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