09 November 2017

I hid food and ate in my room

After the passing of his grandparents, Elvis had to fend for himself from the age of 17. His parents separated when he was 10 years old and he was left to be raised by his grandparents. He also lost touch with them. His grandfather, who suffered from asthma, passed away then his grandmother, who had a heart problem, also passed on three months later.

"I moved in with my aunt, but she treated me differently from her children. She would not dish food up for me and I had to look for a job so I could support myself,” he said. He found a temporary job as a gardener where he worked on weekends. “I was able to buy food and hide it in my room. I ate it when I came back from school and at night when everyone was asleep," he said.

He completed matric and found a job at an insurance company.

"I started dating women and drinking alcohol because I made my own money. I then began a search for my mother because I wanted to move out of my aunt’s place. I was also angry with my mother because she had left me to go through all those painful experiences alone. She apologised when I found her and we made peace. I then moved in with her," said Elvis.

In 2015 Elvis saw the Universal Church's programme 'Stop Suffering’ on TV and was curious to find out more.

"I wanted to stop drinking and I still battled to put my painful childhood behind me. I came to the church on Wednesdays, prayed for my soul to find peace and committed my life to God. I was then able to quit alcohol, something I struggled with for 15 years. I was also able to understand that God had been with me all the years my mother was away. I was able to forgive my aunt for ill-treating me. The spirit of God gave me the peaceful life I wanted for many years," said Elvis.

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