11 September 2017

I had no respect for my mother

Growing up without a father figure in his life and then mixing in the wrong crowd drove Koketso to drinking alcohol and disrespecting his mother from the age of 12.

 "I first experimented with alcohol when I was at my friend’s birthday party. I continued drinking because I felt good and manly when I was drunk. I also felt all-powerful and refused to listen to my mother at home. It did not take long before I was addicted to alcohol and drank every day," said

Koketso. His alcohol addiction ruined his relationship with his mother and caused him to underperform at school.

 "I came home drunk late at night and made so much noise that it would wake my mother up. I did not listen to her when she told me how bad my behaviour was and answered back when she reprimanded me. I told myself that no woman was going to dictate how I lived my life. I considered myself the man of the house, and thought I could do whatever I wanted with my life. I also bunked classes and hardly went to school on Mondays because I was always tired and hung over from weekend parties. My marks dropped and I lost interest in my studies when I was doing grade seven," said Koketso.

In 2009, his mother invited Koketso to the Universal Church because she knew that God was going to change her son's life.

"I went to the church just to please my mother because I thought it would make her stop complaining about my wild lifestyle, but I ended up coming frequently even though I was not committed at first. I also attended the youth meetings and made new friends in the Youth Power Group. My new friends inspired me to live right and respect my mother," he said.

He took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for his deliverance from alcohol. "I surrendered my life to God and allowed Him to change me. After four months in the church I stopped going out with my friends to avoid their negative influence and even lost the desire to drink. I realised I could still enjoy life without drinking alcohol. I also started taking my studies seriously and my marks improved. I am now doing grade 10 and I am respectful towards my mother. I have a clear understanding of the dynamics of our home, that she is the adult and I her child. Now I consult her each time I have a decision to make and am blessed by the guidance and wisdom she imparts." said Koketso.

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