04 December 2017

I carried a knife to rob people

Growing up in a Christian family and coming to the Universal Church from the age of 14 did not stop George from following in his friends' footsteps.

With them, George drank alcohol, smoked dagga and robbed people of their belongings.

"I went to church because it was how my mother had raised us, but I never committed to the things of God. After church, I would go back home and join my friends in drinking alcohol and smoking dagga. We also robbed people of their belongings in order to finance our lifestyles.

I carried a knife and threatened my victims before I robbed them. Some people who knew me, reported me to my mother, but that did not move me as I continued with my bad habits. I later left home to live with my friends because I did not want to be corrected by my mother," said George.

His mother continued praying for George at Thursday services. "She encouraged me to give my life to God. I attended the services even though I was not ready to change or commit to God," he said.

George continued living this wild lifestyle, but he realised it was not giving him joy or peace. "My conscience gave me no rest any more. I would feel guilty and battled to sleep at night each time I robbed someone. I did not understand what was happening with me because I also did not enjoy going out, drinking alcohol and smoking dagga," he said.

He took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays and asked God to bless him with a job while on Fridays he prayed for his deliverance.

"I made up my mind that I was not going to drink alcohol, smoke dagga or rob people any more because I wanted to change my life. I slowly started treating people with respect because I understood that they were made in God's image. I stopped walking around with a knife. In 2011, God blessed me with a job as a painter. The following year I met Nercia and we were married a year later," he said.

When the Campaign of Israel was introduced, George took part and asked God to bless his finances.

"Applying the teachings of faith inspired me to use my faith and start a construction company. I understood that I was born to be the head, not the tail. Six months after the campaign, I received six contracts from different companies to renovate and paint their buildings. As my business grew, I hired 13 people to work with me.

The presence of God in my life gives me the direction and guidance I need to run my business. I now use my testimony to help others and to show them that through God there is a way out of their situation," said George.

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