23 October 2017

I almost ruined my life because of crime

After the death of his mother, Isaac turned to crime to survive. He robbed supermarkets and stole cars because he had no one to take care of him.

"My life took a bad turn after my mother, the breadwinner who provided everything, passed on. There were 14 of us at home and none of our relatives wanted to help us because it was difficult for one person to provide for all of us.Each one of us had to learn to fend for ourselves. I was introduced to a life of crime when I was doing grade six and I eventually dropped out that year. One of my friends had a gun and we used it to rob supermarkets and hijack cars," he said.

At the age of 18, Isaac was arrested for hijacking a car and sentenced to three years in jail. "My siblings never visited me in jail because they were tired of my criminal activities. When I was released, I moved in with my sister, but I soon went back to my life of crime. I also took drugs in order to rob without fear," he said.

He recalled a horrific shoot-out that claimed his friend's life and left him fearing for his life.

"We robbed a security guard of his gun when we were on our way to collect drugs and wanted to go in armed. When we arrived at the pick-up spot we realised that our order was smaller than what we expected and that was when a fight broke out between us and the drug dealers. My friend was shot in the head and died, but I managed to run away with a minor injury to my hand. Since that day I lived in fear of death or going back to jail. That fear prompted me to stop taking drugs and committing crime," said Isaac.

He then dated a woman who invited him to the Universal Church.

"I did not hesitate to come to the church because I was tired of living in fear. After a month in the church, I started experiencing peace in my life and that convinced me that the hand of God was upon me. I also understood that it was God who saved me in that shootout that claimed my friend’s life. I committed my life to God and became faithful to Him.

I started getting part-time jobs and earned an honest salary. We registered our marriage with the Home Affairs office after we dated for over five years because we wanted to live right before God.

My journey with God has taught me the importance of faithfulness and complete dependence on Him.  I'm now a responsible man who lives right and I am at peace," said Isaac.


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