02 October 2017

Alcohol consumption caught up with me

Excessive drinking and smoking from an early age left Pholoso with health complications. He started drinking when he was 19 and continued after he was married.

"Even after I had children, I failed to be a good father to them because I spent most of my time with friends drinking. My wife was the one who always assisted them with homework and covered for me. I only went home late at night when the children were already asleep," he said.

He later had health complications and he was diagnosed with a lung infection and ulcers.

"While I was being treated for the lung and infection and stomach ulcers, my feet became painful and swelled up. That made it difficult for me to stand and teach at school," he said. 

The painful loss of their fourth child. who passed away three days after birth, affected his wife’s health and challenged Pholoso to change his life. 

"My wife did not take it well and was constantly ill. She went to different doctors but her condition did not improve. One day she met a member of the Universal Church who invited her to the church. I attended the services with her and we took part in the chain of prayers on Tuesdays for our health to be restored. I also attended services every Friday and asked God to deliver me from alcohol and cigarettes," he said.

Within four months in the church, Pholoso stopped smoking and drinking.

"After hardly a year in the church, we were both enjoying healthy lives without complications. Now God is our doctor. I am now a loving father who spends time with his family, setting a good example for them." he said.

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