30 October 2017

Your idea can change the world

All it takes is one idea to change the world. Think about the light bulb, the stove ... of course, the concept of electricity. Who can live comfortably without these things today? At some time, someone thought about such ideas.

These things were not around. It took one person to be inspired and dedicate himself to making it happen. These were ideas that changed the world. Many things we have today were invented because there was a need for them. All it took was someone to be moved by the desire to solve the problem, and in the right time, to come up with a great invention.

That's why I believe that anyone who is inspired, has an idea and a dream can change the world. Just look around and you will see many everyday items that you use and cannot live without.

Someone created them and made them part of your life. Is this not what happened with mobile phones and smart phones? A few years ago we did not have cell phones around and we could live very well without them. What about today? We cannot leave our homes without them anymore.

How often do you see a woman leaving home to go anywhere without a handbag? Pretty much never. Sometimes they have big ones, filled with things inside.

They leave their homes carrying one and sometimes do not even open the bag to use anything from it. The truth is that someone had the idea, turned it into a fashion item and today millions of women do not go anywhere without it. If you have inspiration, an idea or a dream, do not ignore it.

It can change your life and the lives of millions of people. Your idea can change Africa and the world.

Therefore, think big and believe in your dreams. Our God is great, He wants to show His great power through you, but you need to expand your ability to dream big.

God bless you all in the Name of Jesus

Marcelo Pires

Universal Church


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